1. graydorians:


    I needed to properly convey how I feel about this character. For some reason, I felt macros were appropriate. She gives me so many feels.

    Molly Hooper is I think one of, if not the greatest addition by Moffat and Gatiss to this modern interpretation of Sherlock Holmes. Yeah, I know—that’s a pretty big statement to make. But I believe it wholeheartedly.

    Molly is the girl next door. Except for the fact that she isn’t. She’s socially awkward, she’s shy, and always manages to fall for all the wrong men; all that’s true. But she’s also smart. Determined. Courageous. And as this post reminds us, who is it Sherlock needs to complete his elaborate plan in “The Reichenbach Fall”? He needs Molly Hooper. Because of all these things, and also because under all of it she is someone who can be trusted.

    What I love is that Moffat and Gatiss have basically thrown this girl into a familiar story of badass men solving crimes with their awesome bromance. A girl whom you’d otherwise brush off with a wave of your hand. (As Sherlock himself often did, until his realization that she is important. She always has been.) They took a character that could’ve disappeared from viewers’ minds and made her a prominent part of the show’s dynamic—they gave her depth. My only regret is that we don’t see even more of her, to be honest. She represents all of us—the awkward ones hiding in the sidelines—but she also represents the strong people we can be. And that you have the power to affect someone else. To help someone else. Even if you don’t believe it yourself.

    So, yes. Molly Hooper does count. She’s always counted. Maybe she hasn’t always been reassured of that. But I sure as hell am.


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