1. 1. Mycroft stood across from Dr Banner, leaning on his umbrella and pressing his lips together in an effort not to snap. He knew that it was… ill-advised… to use any more force with the good doctor. Especially given his condition.

    "We need you to come in, Doctor."
    "What if I say… no?"
    "I’ll persuade you."

    2. “On your left, Lock.”
    "Don’t call me that." Sherlock told Tony, turning to face the man in the red metal suit as he rounded the building on the end of the block, followed closely by the whale-sized flying alien that sheared a section off the building as it curved after Stark.
    Sherlock narrowed his eyes and lifted his rifle, painting a target on the thing’s face and waiting for the chirrups to come through his comm, then fired at the same moment as the seven other SHIELD agents who had their weapons trained on it.

    3. “You have one man to protect you.” Loki muttered, stepping forward into Jim’s space and looming over the shorter man, nostrils flaring as Moriarty didn’t back down.
    "I don’t need more." Jim told him, completely deadpan and utterly confident. 
    The rest of the world was very fortunate that the two of them were at each others’ throats, rather than considering teaming up.

    4. John was on the ground, co-ordinating with SHIELD agents when his phone rang - the moment he lifted it to his ear he realised that the comm-link must have been down, that explained the static he’d been getting, anyway. It was Barton.
    "Hey, who did I get?" he asked, and John recognised the voice immediately. He lifted his gaze until he spotted the dark figure on the rooftop half a block down and answered.
    "You got Watson."
    "Hey, Doc! How’s things down that end?" Clint swung himself around and narrowed his eyes slightly, waving at John before plucking another arrow from his quiver and keeping his eyes on the Doctor even as he fired the projectile at the nearest, flying, target.
    "Getting worse. We need you down here."
    "Okay." Clint tapped his quiver and the base spun, then he plucked the grappling-arrow and notched it, taking five quick steps backwards and flinging himself off the roof.
    "CLINT!" John shouted, stepping forward, ignoring the rubble and death flying about, terrified for five long seconds until the grappling hook was fired and the line snapped taut, catching Clint mid-fall and pulling him back towards the building where he smashed through a second-floor window.

    5. Natasha looked across the office and caught a glimpse of the man who had taken advantage of Loki’s destruction of Manhattan to wreak his own brand of havoc in London. Jim didn’t catch her eye, and if he saw her he didn’t acknowledge the fact. Once he was out of sight she breathed a sigh of relief, barely a hint of tension dropping from her shoulders, before she turned her attention back to the handgun she had been servicing when Jim had been frog-marched through the open-plan space.

    6. “You machine!" John shouted, ignoring the fact that half of SHIELD was watching he and Sherlock have their little domestic in the middle of the lab.

    Sherlock, leaning back in his chair with his feet on the desk (where he had been told, countless times, by Bruce, Tony and pretty much every other member of staff not to put them) just raised one eyebrow at him while John seethed, snatching his coat from the back of another seat and storming out.

    Phil, deadpan as ever, turned to Maria.

    "I think they need a time-out."

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