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Young the GiantAltairAnd the Avengers crew
…. I’m not too sure about YtG, but I think I’m pretty solid. 

Fall Out BoyNathan DrakeThor
I think I’m safe.


    Young the Giant
    And the Avengers crew

    …. I’m not too sure about YtG, but I think I’m pretty solid. 

    Fall Out Boy
    Nathan Drake

    I think I’m safe.

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      1. Selena Gomez 2. The little girl from Candy Crush 3. Elsa from Frozen I’m fucked. And btw I’m 30. What the hell am I...
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      Kurt Cobain Dave Grohl and Kris Novoselic Red from Pokemon Blue Version Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie
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      Vocaloid,(ifthatcounts) Sora and/or a character from Skullgirls, (there’s no singular protagonist but double and Marie...
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      It doesn’t even matter what the other two are because my first one is Hall and Oates and that means I’ll be just fine.
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      1. Beethoven 2. Sonic the Hedgehog 3. Robert DeNiro’s character in Wag the Dog Well, Sonic’s good enough to take care of...
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      1) Say Anything 2) Uuuuh. I dunno. The Heavy from TF2 like two years ago? 3) Michael J. Willet (Tanner from G.B.F.) I...
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      Jeff Wayne (War of the Worlds musical) Sir Anvil (Champions Online) Queen Elsa (Frozen)
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      lana del ray, mario and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Fuck me
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      MCR Pokemon Hobbit … Yeah I’m good
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      Hugh Jackman, Mario, and Can’tmiss Evershot from the Starving Games….
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      1. Lordi 2. Steve (Minecraft) 3. Mark and Roger (from Rent) Well, one of them does have previous Zombie fighting...
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      Starbomb Schelling (portal 2) Anna (frozen) Well ok then
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      Hank Green Commander Shepard Batman
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      Ed Sheeran Obi Wan Kenobi Hilly Kristal I don’t know… but we have a Jedi, so things aren’t hopeless.
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      1. Avicii 2. My Mayor in Animal Crossing New Leaf 3. Rapunzel
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      AC/DC Link (Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds) Um…. hm. oh my god, Madea haaaaah yeah i’m fine =w=
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      Black Keys Marlton Johnson (BO2 Zombies) Jules Winnfield hell fuckin yes
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      The entire cast of Wicked The Avengers Katniss Everdeen
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      Pierce the veil Link (Zelda) Dracula/Draculas daughter from hotel Transylvania. This is such an interesting team
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      styx the dragonborn captain america look out, zombies we’re coming for you
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      Muse Gordan Freeman ( Half-Life 2 ) Regan MacNeil ( The Exorcist ) Yea, ill be fine.
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      Marilyn Manson Plants[?] (Plants vs Zombies) Some Gun-slinger from a Western[My father likes Westerns]