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    I need to know London again. Breathe it in.

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  2. Sherlockian Insanity Level 7 - Unlocked.

    Able to recognise Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice from seven spoken words at the end of a thirty second commercial.

    "The new Jaguar F-Type. Your turn."

    I thought i was past this…

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    sherlock —> genderswap headcanons

    sherlock holmes = eva green

    joan watson = carey mulligan

    gail lestrade = olivia colman

    mycroft holmes = tilda swinton

    jane moriarty = helena bonham carter

    mark hooper = tom hiddleston

    ian adler = richard armitage



    Best one yet.

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  4. all I know is that the 12th doctor once tried to steal Dr House’s wife and become Sherlock’s stepfather.

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    fem!lock au

    “I’d be lost without my blogger.”

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  6. It kind of makes me realise the gravity of the situation… I will have gestated and birthed a child by the time Sherlock Season 3 is finally here. Hell, at this rate I will have done both of those things before they even start filming!

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    30 Day OTP Challenge: Day 17 (Spooning)

    Day 16 - Day 18 (NSFW)

    yeah i never said this would be a complicated plot

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    can someone please tell me which genius made this

    Well that escalated quickly.

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    “John, I am not doing this.”

    “We both know you are doing this, Sherlock, so you can just stop protesting.”

    “Ridiculous sham…” Sherlock continued to grumble assorted phrases of annoyance and resigned discontent as he straightened his cuffs. Nimble fingers arranged the black silk bowtie with the practiced ease of one raised among frequent dinner parties, and if there was an undercurrent of barely-contained violence of those small movements, John was certainly not one to notice.

    “It’s Greg, Sherlock, it’s the least you could do.”

    The gaze that settled on John’s face was of thinly veiled irritation.

    “John, it’s bad enough that I have to attend this… thing.” Sherlock’s hand waved dismissively as he paced. “But to actually preside as a Master of Ceremonies? It’s preposterous. Clearly there are others better suited and more amenable than myself.”

    John tried not to look as gleeful as he felt, knowing that Sherlock’s grumbling only meant he was certainly not backing out now.

    “Here, have a bit of a drink. It will calm your nerves.” A glass of amber liquid pressed itself into Sherlock’s hand.

    “I don’t need a drink, John. I’m fine. I just…”

    “Drink it, Sherlock.”

    “But John I…”


    With a huff, Sherlock knocked back the entire contents of the glass, causing John’s eyebrows to shoot up.

    “What? No use in wasting time if you’re going to glower at me like that. Give me another.”

    At John’s uncertain pause Sherlock rolled his eyes. “I can certainly handle two drinks, John, don’t be ridiculous.”

    John figured he’d better go ahead and pour one for himself while he was at it.


     And that, dear friends, is how Sherlock Holmes came to be on a low stage in front of half of Scotland Yard, bowtie dangling, brandishing a cane stolen from the lobby coatcheck (look John, it’s a skull!), discussing with more than usual vigor his affection for Detective Inspector Gregory Lestrade, who is not a complete idiot if he puts his mind to it, and looking remarkably similar to a man who has had far too much to drink and is quite enjoying himself.

    And if you listened closely, you would have heard a certain esteemed Dr. John Watson giggling in the wings, imparting a not-so-delicate snort of utter joy at the expressions on the faces of the Yarders that would never, ever look at Sherlock the same way again.

    I need of this.

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    CABINLOCK When Martin went to try and pass his CPL the 6th time, Sherlock overdosed. Martin knew that the CPL was less important than his brother’s welfare and left without a second thought. {Inspired by Strawberry Patty’s headcanon}

    My feels. They are everywhere.

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    Inspired by this post.

    Okay, this is the best one.

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“sherlock isn’t he dangerous”
“nonsense. he follows me around, he compliments my intelligence, he tries to bite me occasionally… the same as it ever was.”

then everyone is zombies
angel-orgies: sherlock and john as ZOMBIES IN LOVE.
blanketforyourshock: Can I request fanart fo John and Sherlock dealing with the zombie apocalypse? :)
singacutetune: could you draw Sherlock and John fighting zombies or something idk.
whispering-willow: John and Sherlock with zombies trying to invade the flat?
moeoftoe: Could you draw Sherlock and John as zombies? Or fighting zombies?
retrospaceman: I would like to request that you do a monster-verse Sherlock, where one of the flatmates is a zombie, and the other put their head in the fridge because, “He needed to cool down.”

zenniecake: Could you draw a picture of Sherlock and John as zombies

seansmithsmoustache: how about John and Sherlock as zombies or something else supernatural? :3
whispering-willow: Could you do something with Sherlock and John as Zombies?



    “sherlock isn’t he dangerous”

    “nonsense. he follows me around, he compliments my intelligence, he tries to bite me occasionally… the same as it ever was.”

    then everyone is zombies

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    The collected #elemental my dear watson images for all six Sherlock episode titles. (There’s simply nothing good to be done with “The Great Game,” but it felt wrong to leave it out. So enjoy a filler image for that one.)

    Wallpaper-size versions: PInK, BLiNd BaNKEr, The Great Game (IS ON), SCaNdAl, HoUNdS, ReICHeNbAcH

    1. Me: hand porn
    2. Me: scarf porn
    3. Me: coat porn
    4. Me: aw, no more chocolate
    5. Me: ...sounds like a typical night on tumblr
    6. Me: actually
    7. Tegan: omg it does too
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