1. for whyamipluto

    "Benji! DUNN! GET BACK HERE!" Kerry knew that shouting was fruitless, because Benji was chasing after Will and there was going to be no stopping him.

    Apparently Brandt had somehow managed to palm Dunn’s favourite bluetooth headset, and now they were running around the hotel lobby that they were supposed to be lying low in, like a pair of four year olds on a sugar rush. 

    Kerry sighed.

    "I’m going to put glitter in your shampoo bottles if you two don’t stop acting like such a pair of idiots!"

    And as per usual, they ignored her. It was almost enough to make her wish that the other two were here, but that would have probably just escalated things - Ethan had a bad habit of getting too rough with Benji and of course that got Will’s back up and led to their routine of pissing contests. 

    Eventually Will was persuaded to relinquish the headset, and Benji returned to the couch, slamming into it with enough force to almost dislodge Kerry and her laptop, while Will just calmly settled himself in the armchair opposite, picking up the gin and tonic that Kerry had ordered for herself and taking a generous swig.

    "Hey, hey! I’ll buy you another!" He raised one palm and put the drink back down when she glared at him over the computer screen, then, when the glare didn’t abate, picked the glass back up and drained it.

    "I’ll get you another one right now." he amended, and the glare lessened.

    "Yes, you will." she told him, before turning her attention back to the computer screen and batting Benji’s hands away from the keyboard.

    "Hey! Benji, you asked for my help, stop overwriting my changes!"