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help what am i doing


    help what am i doing

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  2. Honey, you should see me in a crown.

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    Crossover MIGP/Sherlock (inspired by hawkarse’s awesome crossover memes)

    “Ah, Agent Brandt.” His smile seemed genuine, yet the analyst knew better. Training his gun on the man, Brandt glared in his direction, not letting his eyes or aim shift. “How nice to see you.”

    “Where is he?” Brandt spoke with authority and severity; however neither tone seemed to shake the man. He took a few steps forward before speaking again.

    “Oh, come now.” The Irish accent was emphasised as his voice echoed around the large room. “What about the formalities? You know, I greet you, you greet me.”

    “I don’t do greetings.” Brandt maintained his stance, not letting this psychopath’s charming façade fool him. Not when someone’s life was in danger.

    “Hmm…” The man shrugged almost nonchalantly. “Shame. Agent Dunn is much more fun.” At the mention of his friend’s name, Brandt felt himself subconsciously tense up.

    “Where. Is. He?” Brandt slowed down his words as if Moriarty would understand him better. Truth was, and Brandt knew, that the man knew exactly what the agent was asking and was merely taunting him. “Tell me where Benji is, or I put a bullet in your brain.”

    “Do that and you’ll never find him, will you? I know you’re smarter than that, William.” Moriarty watched Brandt as his resolve faltered slightly. Brandt was a good agent, he was trained to deal with situations such as these. But when his friend was in danger, he was on edge.

    And Moriarty knew exactly how to play that.

    Brandt tightened his grip on the gun and took another step forward, however that clearly wasn’t what Moriarty wanted to see.

    “DON’T” The man’s voice boomed, causing the analyst to jump. “take another step.” The last three words were spoken with less volume than the first, yet did not drop in intensity. “Or you won’t be able to identify your friend’s body from anything but his dental records.”

    Brandt froze again, keeping his aim trained on the man’s forehead. The mere image of Benji’s dismembered body caused his heart to race and his eye to twitch. Clearly the reaction was less inconspicuous than he’s hoped.

    “Oh, now that has to hurt, Agent Brandt. The thought of your friend going through all that, am I right?” Moriarty’s returned calmness taunted Brandt, his words causing the horrific images in the analyst’s mind to be emphasised. “It is going to be so much fun watching Agent Dunn break, piece by piece. I think we can start with his mind first. Slowly tearing him apart from the inside out. How does that sound?”

    The words resounded in Brandt’s head and it only took the mental image combined with what he had heard to cause his error. He didn’t even see Moriarty’s man coming until a gunshot silenced the room.

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    MorMor fanvid(face:Michael fassbender)

    I Can‘t Help Myself.



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    “but I have to warn you, Sebby… we don’t play nice…”

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Andrew Scott of John Adams, Garrow’s Law and BBC’s Sherlock.
In a bathtub.


    Andrew Scott of John Adams, Garrow’s Law and BBC’s Sherlock.

    In a bathtub.

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    Reptiles Who Look Like Moriarty

    “His shoulders are rounded from much study, and his face protrudes forward, and is for ever slowly oscillating from side to side in a curiously reptilian fashion.”

    See, it’s canon.

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  10. Part Two

    Investigating the Consulting Detective

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