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    the most weird thing about teen wolf is that the characters don’t swear and when they do, it’s like once in ten episodes and it’s either crap or hell like I get that they can’t swear in such a show but it’s just so weird

    if I stood face to face to a huge wolf-like monster, my words would probably be holy shit

    if derek slammed my head against a wheel, I would just you freaking dick oh my god fuck

    kanima chasing me around a pool? fuck, fuck fUCK

    hey so there’s a pack of alphas coming are you fucking joking

    oh and two of them form into a huge monster god fucking dammit

    dead body son of a bitch

    another dead body fuck nOT AGAIN

    human sacrifices shit

    ms. blake’s real face what the fuck is that

    a werwolf threating me fuck you you fucking twat

    just me 24/7

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Teen Wolf - Stiles Stilinski by ~Eneada
  5. there’s still the issue of quality control


    sometimes i wish ao3 did fic recommendations like netflix does with movies. so like, there’d be something on the sidebar that said “based on your searches for Nipple Play and Pretend Boyfriends, you might like these…” and then a few links to some fics.

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 #i don’t watch teen wolf #but i would pay good money to watch the big one plow the little one
  7. thescienceofjohnlock:

    “John, I am not doing this.”

    “We both know you are doing this, Sherlock, so you can just stop protesting.”

    “Ridiculous sham…” Sherlock continued to grumble assorted phrases of annoyance and resigned discontent as he straightened his cuffs. Nimble fingers arranged the black silk bowtie with the practiced ease of one raised among frequent dinner parties, and if there was an undercurrent of barely-contained violence of those small movements, John was certainly not one to notice.

    “It’s Greg, Sherlock, it’s the least you could do.”

    The gaze that settled on John’s face was of thinly veiled irritation.

    “John, it’s bad enough that I have to attend this… thing.” Sherlock’s hand waved dismissively as he paced. “But to actually preside as a Master of Ceremonies? It’s preposterous. Clearly there are others better suited and more amenable than myself.”

    John tried not to look as gleeful as he felt, knowing that Sherlock’s grumbling only meant he was certainly not backing out now.

    “Here, have a bit of a drink. It will calm your nerves.” A glass of amber liquid pressed itself into Sherlock’s hand.

    “I don’t need a drink, John. I’m fine. I just…”

    “Drink it, Sherlock.”

    “But John I…”


    With a huff, Sherlock knocked back the entire contents of the glass, causing John’s eyebrows to shoot up.

    “What? No use in wasting time if you’re going to glower at me like that. Give me another.”

    At John’s uncertain pause Sherlock rolled his eyes. “I can certainly handle two drinks, John, don’t be ridiculous.”

    John figured he’d better go ahead and pour one for himself while he was at it.


     And that, dear friends, is how Sherlock Holmes came to be on a low stage in front of half of Scotland Yard, bowtie dangling, brandishing a cane stolen from the lobby coatcheck (look John, it’s a skull!), discussing with more than usual vigor his affection for Detective Inspector Gregory Lestrade, who is not a complete idiot if he puts his mind to it, and looking remarkably similar to a man who has had far too much to drink and is quite enjoying himself.

    And if you listened closely, you would have heard a certain esteemed Dr. John Watson giggling in the wings, imparting a not-so-delicate snort of utter joy at the expressions on the faces of the Yarders that would never, ever look at Sherlock the same way again.

    I need of this.

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    Sic Transit Gloria…Glory Fades | Brand New

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there are few fictional things that I want to exist in real life more than the tiny bar under the table from Black Books

That’d be nice. Just some way to escape social situations and have some space would be good.



    there are few fictional things that I want to exist in real life more than the tiny bar under the table from Black Books

    That’d be nice. Just some way to escape social situations and have some space would be good.

  10. Most of these people represents a fandom, so don’t be upset if you think someone is missing. But I think you’ve probably seen them on your dashboard today. We have a lot of fandoms and popular celebrities, but I think these are the most notable. Surely, it’s not all, but is too many people for a little space in the photoset. I bet you like at least one of these lovely people. They are fantastic.

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    Someone was saying on the tag they couldn’t stop seeing the Echo Stony video and I was like “which one is that? I thought I’d seen all of them…” it seems it was uploaded these days.




    Oh my gods. This is the most perfect, beautiful, cryworthy Stony video I’ve ever seen

    beautifully edited and a fantastic song choice.

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