1. Teen Wolf + shirtless

  2. doomslock:

    AU - The Avengers recruit Sherlock and John.

  3. so today

    I am picking my Whovian cousin up from school. 

    My car is a little blue box (a 2007 Suzuki Swift) with a white POLICE CALL BOX sticker on the back window. It is, apparently, known around town as the TARDISwift. 

    I am in jeans, red Converse and my red suspenders over a white shirt, I’ve even got the hair going on. Where is my jacket?

    Yes, I am picking my cousin up from school in my TARDISwift while dressed as a female version of The Doctor. I even have a sonic screwdriver… one I built myself with an ultraviolet globe in the end of it.

    Did I mention that her name in my phone is Amy Pond? And that I’m The Doctor in her contact list?


    (and I will post photos later, promise)

  4. 5iveflavours:

    Sherlock fanart by (X)