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    From Quantic Dream’s powerful short film and tech demo, Kara. [Watch Here]

    The film’s poignant concept and imagery explores the notion of what it really means to be alive, while showcasing advancements in video game cinematics and motion capture.

    1. Homer Simpson: Now, before we get started, what's the safeword?
    2. Red Demon: Cinnamon.
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    I can respect and appreciate if you don’t want to eat animal products and am never going to give you a hard time about it, as long as you don’t give me a hard time about finding bacon delicious  

    I can respect your religion as long as you don’t try and stop my friend from being able to marry her girlfriend if she wants, based on your beliefs  

    And most importantly, I can respect your ships, but if you attack my OTP there is no turning back and I will tear you to pieces 

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    Gotham’s Reckoning, indeed.

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  5. The Cumberbatch Conundrum


    You feel it, I feel it, everyone who has seen five minutes of BBC’s “Sherlock” feels it. There is something a bit… odd about Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch. Ladies adore him, gents like him too. He’s talented and intelligent and it’s generally agreed that he occasionally says things that are charmingly awkward yet ill-advised; for instance: asking Sir Patrick Stewart if taking a role in the “Star Trek” reboot would damage his career.

    But dagnabbit… what is the thing with his face?  

    The gamut of intense reactions to Cumberbatch’s preternatural mug reveals our unconscious psychological bias toward certain facial patterns. Like a computer missing a chunk of software or the rioters at Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring,” we simply have no idea what to make of something so familiar yet… so odd. People become fixated on Benedict Cumberbatch’s face and can’t seem to talk about anything else. Some ladies clutch their pearls and declare him an ovary-annihilating “life ruiner,” while less enthusiastic observers (usually accompanied by a string of disrespectful jabs at his name) see him as some kind of freakish extraterrestrial. Ocassionally, detractors act as if they are uncontrollably repulsed by some aura of Das Unheimliche that apparently floats, miasma-like, around his head. For an actor with a rapidly exploding body of work and the potential to break out as a huge international star, that’s a pretty bizarre public response.  The way some people go on, you’d think there was something fundamentally backwards about him.  

    Here’s the thing.  There just might be.

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